Memento Mori

We were talking earlier, my friend and I about days past in Second Life. She called me the hottest elf in Second Life, to which I blushed and tried to think of those  older than me in Second Life who are also elves…

  • Cat Cotton
  • Ananda Sandgrain
  • Taessa Weaver
  • Malachai Petunia

While trying to remember Malachai, I came across this…

It’s rather ironic that I had highlighted Second Life’s Cancer Survivors. Still, I will never forget you, my Feliciaa, my sister. One Blood, Sister! Live on, for ever.

2 thoughts on “Memento Mori”

  1. Memento Mori. I know a 16 year old who was manipulated by people in SL and when he comitted suicide he left in a note that his stone should read that very phrase. I know you and cat know nothing about that though.

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