The Return of the Prim

It was a normal Sunday in Zazi, but high in the clouds, the Primtionary stage was active for the first time in years. For a change, I was running it instead of Freya, and it was a new build, but it was there, active, scheduled. Primtionary was coming home.

In the end, one solitary contestant showed up, a Ms Christany Daniels. So, we had a demo/dummy run, with her building and Freya guessing, in case any passers by were to wonder what was happening. None did. We had fun, but no game happened. Perhaps next time.

Advertising must be the issue. It was in the events list for sure, and posted to 3 forums. For the record:

  • On the official forums, 8 people viewed the notice.
  • On the SLU forums, 7 people saw it.
  • On the SC forums, 50 people saw the notice.

Obviously, the wrong people.

In any case, if it doesn’t happen before, the stage will be open again at 10am SL Time next Sunday in Zazi. Look for the teleport among the small stones at Stonehenge.

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2 thoughts on “The Return of the Prim”

  1. Pictionary with Prims.

    My next game’s not for a week, but Yummie Olsen and Spaceman Opus run some in between. The post was to celebrate it coming home to Zazi. Spaceman has a game at 5pm SLT today I think… check the events list.

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