Taking Pride

The first thing I noticed when visiting the Second Pride festival this week was the loneliness of the place. Of course it could be the times I’m around in the world, but not everyone is in America… why is it so deserted? When I arrived for the first time, there were a couple of dots on the map, and I went to see… they were all staff. I admit, I was saddened.

You see, there are some great builds there. The memorial garden for one is a haven of peace, and I think it probably would be even were the chaos of Second Life outside the gates. The museum is definitely worth a visit if only to learn something new about discrimination through the ages. Not a bright, fun museum, but insightful. Somehow makes me glad I wasn’t born 50 years earlier, well for reasons other than I already had.

The funfair looked like er… fun, but that too was empty, as was the dance tent. The rows on rows of booths stand empty. There’s plenty to see, to do, to buy, but it seems, there’s nobody seeing, or doing, or buying. It’s as if the world doesn’t care, and perhaps it doesn’t, in Second Life – it has always seemed that there’s a lot more integration than in the real world. I.e., apart from a few newbies, people don’t really care about your sexual orientation (unless they’re hitting on you, and not always then).

As I write this, an event just started. Myself included, there are a total of thirteen people in the six sims. I wonder how many are genuine visitors, and how many are staff. Perhaps I’ll go take a look.

There were six people at the event. Two were officials, the rest seemed mostly unresponsive.

The Return of the Prim

It was a normal Sunday in Zazi, but high in the clouds, the Primtionary stage was active for the first time in years. For a change, I was running it instead of Freya, and it was a new build, but it was there, active, scheduled. Primtionary was coming home.

In the end, one solitary contestant showed up, a Ms Christany Daniels. So, we had a demo/dummy run, with her building and Freya guessing, in case any passers by were to wonder what was happening. None did. We had fun, but no game happened. Perhaps next time.

Advertising must be the issue. It was in the events list for sure, and posted to 3 forums. For the record:

  • On the official forums, 8 people viewed the notice.
  • On the SLU forums, 7 people saw it.
  • On the SC forums, 50 people saw the notice.

Obviously, the wrong people.

In any case, if it doesn’t happen before, the stage will be open again at 10am SL Time next Sunday in Zazi. Look for the teleport among the small stones at Stonehenge.

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It’s been a stressful few days in Second Citizen. I’m not sure how it started – there have been wars and rumours of wars, of course – but a few members had their war in public and we had a bit of a forum meltdown. People have left, or have threatened to leave who weren’t involved, which does nothing for the community. People have been dragged into it who’d normally avoid drama, forced into taking sides. I know we can come back from this, but everything changes. The web of trust is weakened.

For my part, I held back from posting – at least to those threads. It’s got me down though. Forum meltdown makes Siobhan cry. Defections make me sad – though I must add, not Super Sad, like some – and it’s not good for me.

To all involved, please try to get back to normal soon.

Free Clock from Freya & Sio

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And it’s free (well, L$1. I’m sure you’ve got that much).

While you’re there, have a look at the usual range of clocks, which all include dual SL and local time, with a user-friendly script for setting your local time and daylight saving on/off.


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