Honestly, I just couldn’t resist…

I was reading Second Citizen, as I do. There’s a few threads there at the moment regarding both Project Open Letter, and the new verification system that Linden Lab wants to put in place for Second Life.

Well, I was also chatting happily with Peasan in IM, and she was saying she felt like Cassandra before the fall of Troy, with everything she said being ignored, and everyone bringing it up later as their own. Well, I tied this into the state of SL as it is, and what with all the problems and drama, I wondered if it really could be linked to the last days of Troy.

So do you think Paris (Philip) and Helen (Robin) will accept a small gift that might solve all our problems, and get us past the verification without giving away dangerous information…?

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4 thoughts on “Honestly, I just couldn’t resist…”

  1. Well, we have a Cassandra, and we have Philip behaving like Paris… (no not Hilton, silly), Daniel appears to be Achilles, and Chadrick, Hector.

    But who is Ullyses? And what will happen when the walls of SL fall?

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