Nerd Steals Search!!!

In one of Second Life’s most heinous crimes yet, the avatar called Lewis Nerd has apparently stolen the search function, making use of the Sheep-built external search engine to steal it straight from the hidden land of another avatar. The victim being the ever popular Prokofy Neva.

The details of this whole gruesome tale, coming on top of Thursday’s Town Hall debacle, and of Nerd’s continued assaults on Neva can be read here.

As expected, the entire Second Citizen community has rallied to Neva’s defence. In one thought provoking comment Weedy Herbst said “Rejection over narcissism is a very unhealthy combination of extremes.

So the debate goes on. We expect the truth to come out in full, but since it has to be extracted from reams of extremist rhetoric that would make Osama Bin Laden proud, it might take a while. For pity’s sake, don’t hold your breath!

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