Linden announces estate governance changes

As announced yesterday, estate owners will soon be able to opt out of the current Linden Abuse Report system, in lieu of dealing with them themselves, thus leaving LL to deal with the mainland. Well, the current AR system rarely works, so at first glance this would seem like a good thing, but there have been questions, and thus far, no convincing answers.

For example, Ice Brodie asked:

“Kind of curious, what happens when the estate owner violates TOS?”

to which Chadrick Linden replied:

“Ice: On the Linden Governed mainland, same thing as everyone else. On their own region, it depends on the offense. For example: All fraud tickets would still come to Linden Lab. Same with Under Age Tickets. If he’s assaulting someone on his region, he has the right to do so, it’s his.

A big flashing red light there folks. The estate owner has the right to abuse you on his or her land! Oz Spade asked a similar question, but was not answered separately, yet.

Let’s look at another part of the announcement … in response to a question regarding bans, Chadrick replied:

“He’ll be banned from that one region, and LL monitors the number of regions someone would be banned from. So if someone decides to start causing problems in multiple regions, we notice.”

So, while a single island owner is unlikely to get someone banned from the grid, someone owning say 100 sims, probably could. Way to go, Linden. And remember people, once this happens, there’s no more anonymous reporting of abuse… it goes to the estate owner, to share as they wish.

Now, in their defence, since I don’t want to be completely negative, Chadrick did also state that we’d be told when we enter a sim that’s not governed by Linden Law, and I think this is a good and necessary thing. But I think we should know before, when the teleport invite appears, or when we open a landmark, or the map, and we should know WHO is governing the sim and have a choice whether to visit or not. Sadly, I doubt it will be the case, but I can hope.