More adventures in outer space

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been encouraging some friends to try Eve-Online, and perhaps join us in some deep space fun. A lot of Second Lifers are already in the game, and this was more about attracting new blood and giving people something to do, other than Warcraft, when Second Life is unusable – as it so often is these days.

Anyway, Peasan tried it a couple of weeks ago, and though she enjoyed it, was busy in real life and did not really have the time. She’s interested though, and may come back, either with the same or a new character. Since then – due in part to his purchase of a new PC, Lucifer has joined, and has trained himself up to flying a destroyer. Aeolus has joined too, and signed up quickly. He’s still in a frigate, but I can see that changing soon. Lastly, Jennyfur joined us, and though still in her “rookie ship”, she is having fun, and if she stays, will go a long way. I am told that we could be seeing Flipper and Freya J there soon too.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Flavian met up with us and we all met up to chat in Bourynes. It can be a very social game, for one in which you spend most of your time flying solo in a spaceship. It’s a shame Freya B wasn’t around, I miss flying with her – and her ship is pretty cool too.

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