Stuff and Birthdays

I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Second Life lately; far more than usual for me. Not really sure why, but maybe I’m just getting back into it more. It’s not like I’ve been more productive than usual… though no less either, I guess. I have also been in Eve a bit too, and made a couple of screenshots which I may append at the end of this entry if they look good enough. I haven’t checked yet.

So, what’s happening today, I hear you ask. Well, currently I’m sitting on Preak Isle using a pair of translators to speak to a French lady. Most confusing til you get the hang of it. Still, it’s a nice place to sit, and usually the music’s good too – except when Leck plays disco of course. Peaceful.

It also happens to be Damian Baphomet’s birthday. He’s just turned ancient. Yes, he’s officially an old fart now! Well, not really, just 28. Happy Birthday Damian.

I’ve been an emotional wreck this week. Partly worn down from trying to help others – some friends have been having issues, and well, I’m old enough now to know better than to get involved. Still, I think I did some good. It didn’t help then, when I saw Eloise’s blog on Monday. It’s crazy, we broke up months ago, though we’re still friends. Eloise has a new Mistress, which is a good thing, it’s never fun to be alone in the world. But when I read it… no, when I tried to read it… I broke down and cried myself to sleep. I’m so fucking fragile these days.

What else… oh yes… qDot got himself interviewed, as I posted in Second Citizen, by Violet Blue, about twitter and teledildonics.

I think I’ll leave the Eve stuff for another entry later today and post this now.

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