Only one day on…

… and I’m sitting in Eve Online working on skills. So, what has changed? Well, I don’t really think anything has except… well, as I mentioned yesterday, I needed to log in to change skill training last night. Well, it turned out to be about 6am this morning in fact, so I left it and woke up early to do so.

Well, the skill training was complete, as expected. I checked my ratings, hopped into my nearest convenient ship and programmed the autopilot for a trip to Caille University in the Bourynes system. I launched, and was on my way… reading the Second Citizen forums to pass the journey time. And, to be honest, couldn’t raise much interest. I just didn’t feel like responding to anything, which is most unlike me. I didn’t feel like logging into Second Life either, so I stayed in Eve for now. Anyway, I arrived at Bourynes, warped to the University and docked. I picked up two new books, (Sentry Drone Operation and Repair Drone Operation) and set my autopilot to take me home. I went to make coffee.

So I got home, started the skill training and looked for something to do. Well, as it turns out, a known pirate gang had set up in a nearby system and were running an illegal prison facility there. I was asked to go check it out and if possible, put a stop to it. My agent offered me about 400,000 credits to do this. Pretty small money, but since I’ve not been around for a bit, that’s understandable. I fitted my ships defences and off I went. Not a lot of point in being stealthy here – a battlecruiser tends to be a bit obvious, a command cruiser, even more so – so I warped straight into the middle of them, picking out sentries as preferred targets. I knew their cruisers would take time to get into attack range, and my combat drones could hold off their frigates indefinately. It didn’t last long.

So now, I’m home and heading to my base to dock. We’ll see what comes next.

Anyways, I’ve been offered a mission called Massive Attack next. It’s a good one and the reward is well over a million. It takes a while though – the time bonus is set at 6 hours – so I’ll leave it til later, after the daily downtime.

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