Second Life – Evolution?

Like it or not, Second Life evolves. Linden Lab add features faster than they can think up ways to extract money from residents. And so it comes as no suprise to learn we’ll soon be getting voice chat. In fact, it’s already available on the test grid in case anyone’s missed it and wants to try. Personally, I’m going to leave it for now… call me old fashioned or a luddite, I don’t care, I’ve been called worse. In fact, if I don’t use voice when it comes to the main grid, at least to prove who I am, then I stand to be accused of all sorts of stuff… What a shame.

So, do we need it? Not just voice, but mirrored surfaces and some of the other new features? Sure, they could be cool. Sure they can be pretty and allow people to charge more for what they make. But really, for my money, they should be fixing what they have.

Why, oh why is it that every time I cross a sim boundary, I’m pulling attachments out of my butt? Shoes, jewelry, hair, prim-clothes… I’m sure I found a group of Linden Prim Miners in there earlier… Does my butt look like a freaking quarry? (Don’t answer that if you know what’s good for you.) I’m tired of unresolved bugs. I’m tired of lag. I’m tired of “Object not found in database”. I’m sick of “Missing Image”! These things were fixed once.

Maybe it’s true. Maybe it is more important to attract new customers than it is to provide basic service to their existing ones. The numbers speak for themselves. This is evolution in action. We made the world, now LL give it to the corporate sheep.

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