Birthdays and Beach Parties

So today, two more SL residents become older. Lucifer Baphomet is officially ancient, while Tinkar Daligdig is merely old. Happy birthday to the pair of you. Well, both these folk DJ for Phreak Radio in SL and so there was a party held, of course. A beach party on Phreak Isle.

Well, as I’ve been known to do in the past… I took a couple of snaps.

First, DJ Lecktor Hannibal plays us in…

and then a few of the crowds…

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4 thoughts on “Birthdays and Beach Parties”

  1. Looked like fun!! 🙂 Glad to see Leck still lookin good (old as HE is lol!)

    btw 2nd to last piccy blows up to the one before it 😉
    -Sio’s Brace

  2. dang Leck looks GOOD fer bein so OLD his damn self LOL!

    oh and two of yer pics have the same url to the larger view 😉

    and yeah.. I can post heeeere again yay!!! 🙂

  3. Eep Brace! I’ll check on that later. I was fiddling with them… They all link to Photobucket anyway, so I’m sure you can see them all.

    And, good to see you posting again! Oh, and Brace… “Get an Avatar!” *ducks and runs*

    Edit: OK, checked and fixed.

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