And as another month slowly draws to a close, Second Life sees even more changes; perhaps the biggest of these being mirrors in the First Look viewer (which I haven’t seen yet, but should really take a look at).

I had a visitor this morning, one I’ve not seen in a while, Lothaniel Yellowknife. A long time friend and pyromaniac who’s provided Freya and I with many beautiful displays over the years. He had some sad news, but all in all, it’s good to see him back.

I want to extend congratulations to Meltemi Case aka… (ah ha! You thought I was going to out some alts, but I won’t. If you know, you know…), who is the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy, born on Friday afternoon. Congratulations honey.

Other things have been going on too. I’ve been helping out one of Second Life’s countless support groups, which makes me feel good. I’ve ended my six month long feud with the Lindens – sort of… And I’ve made a load of new friends. I’ve been a bit more active in Second Citizen too, for those who read it. I’d kind of stopped posting to forums for a while. I guess I needed to be invisible.

I played a little Final Fantasy XII on Friday too. It was pretty awesome. Of course, just the first part, but even so. It’s going to be a fun experience, I suspect.