Quiet times in Second Life

So yeah, it’s been quiet. We had fun for Freya’s rezday, which was kinda late the night before, but since it went over midnight… The day was pretty much ok too, while we were there — there was much running off to watch tv and stuff in rl. Anyway, otherwise, like I say, quiet.

I made a few bits. Nothing to sell, just toys for a couple of people, and that sort of thing. It won’t make me rich, but it keeps my hand in, and may help remind people that yes, I do build stuff, I do script, and I am available for work. Seems everyone’s forgotten that bit. A girl was showing me round her new store the other day, and said it was easy to navigate because she had teleport pads, and asked if I knew how to use them… I dunno who she had got them from of course… I haven’t sold, nor given them away in over two years… but they were my scripts nevertheless. I gave her a free update.

Maybe I should advertise. But I guess for that you need to be able to afford a classified, or some land, neither of which I can. Word of mouth and this blog are my only options, yet, nobody ever seems to pass the word on, and as for my blog… I get a few readers, sure… but it’s rare to get feedback. I get like 1 or 2 comments a month. Most of my posts seem to be just passed by. I suppose at least I don’t get negative comments that way either of course, but it’d be nice to know what people think now and again.

Anyway, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I have friends, old and new, and I sometimes sell enough to make my way. Imagoel has promised me extra space in Utopia for a vendor for my more primmy stuff, and though I’ve not asked, I’m sure Eloise will be similarly positive at ONE. It’s partly my own laziness that’s to blame. Since I lost Mochastyle, I’ve not really been as into it. It’s not fair, but it’s life I guess.

Second Citizen is always fun, of course. A good crew of people who appreciate the irony. I tend to spend a lot of time there now…

In world, I joined NCI as a helper a few weeks back. I try to wear my tag around to show I’m available to answer questions. Making up for not being a Mentor/Live Helper any more, I guess. Anyway, I show up in the oddest of places, especially where there are new people, so if you see me, don’t be afraid to say “Hi” or something — I don’t bite unless you pay me.

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