So what’s happening to Second Life?

Every day, I read about the increasing numbers of residents. Every day I see reports of the grid under strain because of these numbers.

Every day, I see less people online, certainly less people whom I know. It seems that those I know, and knew spend less and less time in Second Life now, and when they are online, they’re invariably in busy mode, or working on some top-secret project on an invisible private sim somewhere.

I used to be in the middle of things. Hardly anything happened without me hearing of it. But somewhere along the way, I guess I’ve been left behind. My friends move on to bigger and better things, and I am left behind, slowly fading away.

I don’t begrudge them of course, that’s not the point at all, and some of them have helped me keep up even as much as I have, and even have tried to help me get back, so don’t think I’m jealous of them. I don’t know what it is that’s pushing me out, a pining for the old days maybe?

I try to think about when it started, and I can’t be sure. Was it when Julia Curie sold out Mochastyle? That certainly didn’t help, but I had fun since. Maybe it’s when the Lindens accused me of threatening someone and threw me out of all the volunteer groups? It seems likely. Up until then, I’d never have thought the Lindens would lie, but they did. And of course, no chance for justice, I couldn’t argue my case… all I had was a vague time, but no hope of ever learning who I had threatened. I appealed of course, but to no avail… of course.

This is all sounding like an emo post now, even to me, so I’ll shut up. I don’t have much left in SL. A few friends (and good ones too… they listen to me whinge all the time, some of them). I have no land, no income, and it seems, no skills that anyone wants.

I hope I’m wrong, but I get the feeling the party’s over. Perhaps it’s time for a new generation to take over where we left off. Who knows?

One thought on “So what’s happening to Second Life?”

  1. You know, I could have written most of that myself. As SL has gotten bigger and bigger, I find my activity in it gets less and less. Most of my best friends rarely log in any more, and I find myself logging in and wondering the hell why I bother.

    I don’t want this to become an emo comment either *grins*, but just to let you know there is at least one person out there that knows how you feel!

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