And as another month slowly draws to a close, Second Life sees even more changes; perhaps the biggest of these being mirrors in the First Look viewer (which I haven’t seen yet, but should really take a look at).

I had a visitor this morning, one I’ve not seen in a while, Lothaniel Yellowknife. A long time friend and pyromaniac who’s provided Freya and I with many beautiful displays over the years. He had some sad news, but all in all, it’s good to see him back.

I want to extend congratulations to Meltemi Case aka… (ah ha! You thought I was going to out some alts, but I won’t. If you know, you know…), who is the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy, born on Friday afternoon. Congratulations honey.

Other things have been going on too. I’ve been helping out one of Second Life’s countless support groups, which makes me feel good. I’ve ended my six month long feud with the Lindens – sort of… And I’ve made a load of new friends. I’ve been a bit more active in Second Citizen too, for those who read it. I’d kind of stopped posting to forums for a while. I guess I needed to be invisible.

I played a little Final Fantasy XII on Friday too. It was pretty awesome. Of course, just the first part, but even so. It’s going to be a fun experience, I suspect.


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Quiet times in Second Life

So yeah, it’s been quiet. We had fun for Freya’s rezday, which was kinda late the night before, but since it went over midnight… The day was pretty much ok too, while we were there — there was much running off to watch tv and stuff in rl. Anyway, otherwise, like I say, quiet.

I made a few bits. Nothing to sell, just toys for a couple of people, and that sort of thing. It won’t make me rich, but it keeps my hand in, and may help remind people that yes, I do build stuff, I do script, and I am available for work. Seems everyone’s forgotten that bit. A girl was showing me round her new store the other day, and said it was easy to navigate because she had teleport pads, and asked if I knew how to use them… I dunno who she had got them from of course… I haven’t sold, nor given them away in over two years… but they were my scripts nevertheless. I gave her a free update.

Maybe I should advertise. But I guess for that you need to be able to afford a classified, or some land, neither of which I can. Word of mouth and this blog are my only options, yet, nobody ever seems to pass the word on, and as for my blog… I get a few readers, sure… but it’s rare to get feedback. I get like 1 or 2 comments a month. Most of my posts seem to be just passed by. I suppose at least I don’t get negative comments that way either of course, but it’d be nice to know what people think now and again.

Anyway, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. I have friends, old and new, and I sometimes sell enough to make my way. Imagoel has promised me extra space in Utopia for a vendor for my more primmy stuff, and though I’ve not asked, I’m sure Eloise will be similarly positive at ONE. It’s partly my own laziness that’s to blame. Since I lost Mochastyle, I’ve not really been as into it. It’s not fair, but it’s life I guess.

Second Citizen is always fun, of course. A good crew of people who appreciate the irony. I tend to spend a lot of time there now…

In world, I joined NCI as a helper a few weeks back. I try to wear my tag around to show I’m available to answer questions. Making up for not being a Mentor/Live Helper any more, I guess. Anyway, I show up in the oddest of places, especially where there are new people, so if you see me, don’t be afraid to say “Hi” or something — I don’t bite unless you pay me.

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Happy Birthday Freya Becquerel

Today, Second Life sees the third rezday of one of it’s most wonderful residents, Freya Becquerel.

I remember the first time we met. It was at a newbie show and tell. A friend and I were there watching the newbies come and go, and it was my friend Adia, who spotted her. Well they were an item for a while, (I was still with Julia at the time), and we all got to know each other pretty well. After Adia left, Freya used to spend time at Mocha with me, and so it was that when Julia and I had our um… then she took me in and we’ve been together since, over two years.

So, please join me in thanking her (for keeping me in SL), and in congratulating this amazing woman on her third rezday, today. Thank you Freya, and I hope you have many more great times in this crazy world of ours.

More Congratulations!

This time to my fellow blogger, Catherine Omega, on her new job at Social Signal. It’s good to see things going your way. Also, again to Catherine and to Aimee Weber on their new book “Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life“. Aimee’s first, but Cat’s second foray into the SL book market, and one which I think will hold more interest to old and new residents alike. I look forward to seeing it in stores.

Congratulations to the both of you!

[Edit] It seems the book link to Wiley ONLY works if you set the location to US.  Sorry, there’s no easy way to set it in the link.

So what’s happening to Second Life?

Every day, I read about the increasing numbers of residents. Every day I see reports of the grid under strain because of these numbers.

Every day, I see less people online, certainly less people whom I know. It seems that those I know, and knew spend less and less time in Second Life now, and when they are online, they’re invariably in busy mode, or working on some top-secret project on an invisible private sim somewhere.

I used to be in the middle of things. Hardly anything happened without me hearing of it. But somewhere along the way, I guess I’ve been left behind. My friends move on to bigger and better things, and I am left behind, slowly fading away.

I don’t begrudge them of course, that’s not the point at all, and some of them have helped me keep up even as much as I have, and even have tried to help me get back, so don’t think I’m jealous of them. I don’t know what it is that’s pushing me out, a pining for the old days maybe?

I try to think about when it started, and I can’t be sure. Was it when Julia Curie sold out Mochastyle? That certainly didn’t help, but I had fun since. Maybe it’s when the Lindens accused me of threatening someone and threw me out of all the volunteer groups? It seems likely. Up until then, I’d never have thought the Lindens would lie, but they did. And of course, no chance for justice, I couldn’t argue my case… all I had was a vague time, but no hope of ever learning who I had threatened. I appealed of course, but to no avail… of course.

This is all sounding like an emo post now, even to me, so I’ll shut up. I don’t have much left in SL. A few friends (and good ones too… they listen to me whinge all the time, some of them). I have no land, no income, and it seems, no skills that anyone wants.

I hope I’m wrong, but I get the feeling the party’s over. Perhaps it’s time for a new generation to take over where we left off. Who knows?

Eloise goes to work for SL Insider

Just a quick note here to send congratulations to Eloise Pasteur on her new job as a reporter for Second Life Insider magazine. I tried to leave a comment on her introduction post, but the “confirmation email” it supposedly sent me didn’t arrive… Show’s how much on the outside I am, I guess.

Anyway, congratulations Eloise. You’ll go a long way.

[Edit] Looks like the post did show up… just took ages.


So yeah, I’m sick. Well, ok, not very sick, just a cold, and only the beginnings of that too. Basically, I feel like crap, but have no real excuse not to do everything I would normally do. So, load up on meds and keep going, and hope my voice doesn’t give out. Fortunately, since I’m not working, I don’t really need to use it a lot.

Not a lot happening in my SL these days either. People I know are generally not there, and those who are, are busy most of the time. Perhaps this will change soon enough. I can hope…