Random thoughts

I’ve been meaning to write some more now for a few days, and I guess, now that SL is down, it’d be a good time to try and collect my thoughts.

Anyone who follows this blog will know I’ve not written a lot since the big move. I really don’t know why either. I had a job which took a lot of my time, but that’s gone again and I have time.

I’ve stayed in touch with Nenya and Eloise since the weekend. I’m glad to notice that Eloise is well enough to be back in SL too, though we’ve not yet had a chance to talk about how well she is, or her plans. Hopefully, next weekend will cover that. Anyways, Nenya is as chatty as ever, and I think we’ll be fine as friends. Hopefully after next weekend, I’ll be able to say the same about Eloise.

I think part of the reason for this post is to thank them for the gift of their submission that they gave me for the time they did. Nenya for a year, Eloise for a few months. It was a fun time though, and in their ways, they inspired me and gave me strength when I needed it. They cheered me when I was sad, and watched out for me. Anyone should consider themself lucky to call either of these women a friend.