New Additions

It’s not only Second Life that’s been updated this week. Eve-Online has too, with new ships, equipment and skills to learn, as well as changes to those already existing. Here are a couple of ships I was playing with a few minutes ago…

First, a Myrmidon class Battle Cruiser

and second, a Hyperion class Battleship

Very, very cool…

More Updates

And so a new client arrives. I had not checked this one on the preview grid, and since I have been somewhat absent of late, I was not really sure of what to expect.

Well, I am happy with it so far. The web page link in Profile is cool, and mine now points here, to my blog.

I an not, however, so certain of the new Friends list. The options are good, yes, but not the defaults. I would have had View on Map set to on.

Still, it is just a minor thing. I can play some more later and see what else is broken.