New Additions

It’s not only Second Life that’s been updated this week. Eve-Online has too, with new ships, equipment and skills to learn, as well as changes to those already existing. Here are a couple of ships I was playing with a few minutes ago…

First, a Myrmidon class Battle Cruiser

and second, a Hyperion class Battleship

Very, very cool…

More Updates

And so a new client arrives. I had not checked this one on the preview grid, and since I have been somewhat absent of late, I was not really sure of what to expect.

Well, I am happy with it so far. The web page link in Profile is cool, and mine now points here, to my blog.

I an not, however, so certain of the new Friends list. The options are good, yes, but not the defaults. I would have had View on Map set to on.

Still, it is just a minor thing. I can play some more later and see what else is broken.

Catching up.

It’s been an odd couple of weeks, in several ways. Family events that needed (and still need) to be dealt with, the new job and friends who are unwell. Still, I suppose it can only get better.

One thing about it was that I missed most of the commotion around the CopyBot in Second Life. Oh, sure I heard about it, and the latest grey-goo grid attack too, but I didn’t experience them, and I suppose that’s good. I’m still really annoyed with Linden Lab over well… let’s just call it the incident for now. It’s been two and a half months, and they’ve still not responded to my request for information. Well, that’s their problem now I guess. I’m getting pretty bored with SL right now anyway.

So anyway, Freya’s getting better, as is Eloise, and this is good. Just need to get Nenya’s Eve account re-activated and we can play there. Well, she, Freya and I can… Eloise uses a Mac, and there’s no OS-X version of Eve… yet, and I can’t convince her to get a PC just for one game. Grrr!

I have survived!

… a week of work!

OK OK, a lot of people do, but it’s different. It’s a new (and crappy) Customer Services job. It’s not so much the fact that I dunno whether to help them or hit them, but more that I’m not so certain that hitting them wouldn’t be the best help. I mean… tech support is all very well (though I still want to strangle the users) but this call centre malarky is taking it beyond the pale, in my not so humble opinion. And I’m still in training! By the time I’m answering phones full time, I’ll be a psycho.

Return to Life

Well, it’s been a while, but I’m finally back. ADSL reconnected and the newest Second Life patch downloaded. My move is complete, though there’s still some unpacking to be done. And now that it’s over, there’s not a lot to tell, which surprises me. Maybe I’m just out of the habit of writing. I’ll get back into it though, no doubt, as soon as I’ve spent some time in world.