Fog, meh!

I assume some people like fog. For everything, there is someone who likes it. I don’t! You see, when I’m riding a motorbike at a mean speed of 60mph, on roads with bends of regularly 80 or 90 degrees, and often 130 or more, then having a visibility of 10-20 metres is not the most fun… though it could be argued that it’s thrilling, or at least exciting. I’ll state that it’s certainly interesting, but I’m not sure that that’s entirely a good thing. Now some of you speed freaks will wonder at the 60mph, but, I ride a 125cc Honda… it’s not exactly a powerful machine. Still, it gets me to work and back, or at least has done so far.

So, gaming wise…  Well, the weekend, I did some missions. Saturday night, I did Angel Extraveganza with Freya. Surprisingly, the first time ever for me. Anyway, we took in some tough ships and well… it was a killing field. Some spawns never even got within weapons range before we’d turned them into loot. We did a 6h30 mission in probably less than an hour.

Sunday morning, I did the Serpentis version solo, in the same ship, and, though it took slightly longer, was no harder. I suppose it’s missions like this that tell you that you have a way overpowered ship.

I did the next in a blasterax. A level 2… And sheesh was it harder… I had to warp out… well… maybe not needed, but it was a very close thing. The ship just wasn’t fast enough, and the weapons didn’t have the reach. It reminded me just how weak a rax can be when you’ve not really thought out the opposition.

And SL… Oh SL… what will I do…

You took my metaverse, and you gave it to the griefers! How will it live? Well, for me, I’ll pretend you didn’t. I’ll see what I can do, work how I can… and make MY metaverse what I can for me and for mine.

In the end, what more can I do?