Eloise’s ONE

So yeah, in a way, it’s an advertisment. One I have a stake in though, so not entirely random. Eloise’s ONE is a department store in Second Life, and if you’re interested, can be found here. First, my own stake. Eloise is my submissive, or one of them at least, and therefore, family. Best to get that sorted up front in case anyone claims I’m promoting her mall through favouritism. Well I am, get over it!

Anyway, I dunno… I’d heard of it before, but I’d never been there, and had no clue about what was sold there until I got a tour. There are a goodly number of names selling there though. Not always the most famous, as they, like I once did, generally have their own outlets and don’t use malls. However, at the risk of missing some, I’ll name a few here to give an idea of who sells their goods in ONE.

I dunno… I just thought I’d give her a bump. I’m trying to persuade her to remodel. Vut does she need it? You decide.

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