A photo

It’s a sad excuse for a blog entry, I know… but do I care?

Eloise sent me a photo a few days ago, and well, she looks so pretty (well, apart from her odd expression… but SL does that to you). I can’t remember off hand who made the outfit, but I know she’ll add that information as a comment… Those silks are just gorgeous!


Life, The Universe and Everything

Before I start today, if any of my recent entries don’t allow pings, trackbacks or comments, it’s because I’m writing from my phone, and I don’t get the options. Just let me know, and I can correct it later.

Anyway, following on from yesterday’s entry… the day did improve and even the ride home wasn’t too bad. Perhaps it’s the “home” part that’s important there… and I’ll gladly suffer more if comfort (and a gin & tonic) is waiting for me.

Today’s trip was surprisingly ok! I was expecting another bad one after seeing the weather forcast. I’m not complaining though.

So, last night… I got distracted by the PC and forgot to eat, among other things. It was crashy to start but got better.

I spent some time in Second Life with Eloise, but was chatting in ICQ and YIM with Freya, Nenya and others, so didn’t really give her the attention she deserved. I really owe her an appology for that! The time we did have was fun though.

I finally completed “Motion Prediction V” in Eve. It should make me better against smaller ships. Finishing off “Eidetic Memory IV” now. Freya told me she succesfully managed the lvl 3 version of “Massive Attack” in her Dominix. I am so proud of her!

And now, Nenya’s found us a new game called “Rappelz”. I made a character this morning, and will have a look over the weekend, I suspect.