Nightmare journey

What a morning! It started bad and just got worse. I hate rain. Anyway, got out of the house on time and had to put air in the tyres and fuel in the tank. All well and good except that it was dark and wet, and some time during all of that, I managed to knock my wing mirror loose.

By the time I reached the first roundabout, I was on the side of the road, tightening the nuts in the rain. Cold, dark, wet and miserable… and the weather wasn’t much better!

So I was mobile again, running late. I got a few miles past Gloucester when I met slow traffic. Now, if you don’t know the A40 between Gloucester and Ross, its single laned, twisty, and often with no overtaking permitted. The speed limit is ok, usually 50 or higher, but this morning it seemed populated with trucks which seemed to be restricted to 20 or 30! So I trundled along, passing where I can, and just getting wetter!

It didn’t get better til I reached Hereford, which was surprisingly quick today. In the end I was only about 30 minutes late for work. I’ll live with that. Let’s just hope the rest of the day improves.