More grid attacks

So, again this week, Second Life was taken down due to a grid-attack. It was predicted in several forums of course. The question though, is why? I thought that LL had permabanned the 60 people most likely to do this about 3 weeks ago…

So, did they come back as alts and carry on? Did people, previously innocent of this kind of thing get so angry at LL that they did this as some kind of revenge attack? Or maybe, as has been claimed… Did LL get the wrong people, and those V-5 members permabanned were not as guilty as we were led to believe.

Now, it’s likely we’ll never know the answer to that, but one thing is for certain… Something has to change! Whether this is the way LL ensures people stay banned (yeah right) or the way they identify culprits, or whether they provide transparancy in judgements, it has to be something. It’s clearly not working now.

It is having an affect though. People are leaving the big groups. Over the last few weeks, the sheer numbers of people quitting groups like “Forum Regulars”, “Oldbie Conspiracy” etc, are staggering! Hardly surprising when any group could be the next one targetted because of a small number of it’s members… Who can even know? Maybe #secondlife will be next.