Moving – Part One

“And time passes! I’m well into my self-imposed exile from Second Life and only a few days before I finally lose my broadband connection. As of Monday, I’ll be back in the dark ages of dial-up internet *shudder* with at least a week before I get it back again.

Right now, I’m kind of wasting time. There’s hardly anything to do in work, but since I’m here, I can’t do anything at home, which is dragging everything out much more than I’d like!”

This was written a couple of days ago. Today, I made my last trip (possibly ever) along the road to work… at least westbound. I go back along it tonight, but next time will be a new, as yet unplanned route. Before that though, a 4-day weekend while the move happens, and with connectivity being a complete unknown…

Today is slow though. There’s work but it’s pretty boring stuff so far, and I may be off-site later. Lots to do still though… I’ll be glad when it’s all done.

More Fog

Well, more fog today, but not as bad as last time. The trip in wasn’t all that bad. It’s just the early start that’s a problem.

Still, I’m excited and more than a little nervous about the upcoming move. I’ll be more-or-less offline for a couple of weeks while I get reconnected. Not so happy about that, of course.

I suppose in the end it’ll work out for the best, it’s just all the fuss and hassle in between. Meh!

Fog, meh!

I assume some people like fog. For everything, there is someone who likes it. I don’t! You see, when I’m riding a motorbike at a mean speed of 60mph, on roads with bends of regularly 80 or 90 degrees, and often 130 or more, then having a visibility of 10-20 metres is not the most fun… though it could be argued that it’s thrilling, or at least exciting. I’ll state that it’s certainly interesting, but I’m not sure that that’s entirely a good thing. Now some of you speed freaks will wonder at the 60mph, but, I ride a 125cc Honda… it’s not exactly a powerful machine. Still, it gets me to work and back, or at least has done so far.

So, gaming wise…  Well, the weekend, I did some missions. Saturday night, I did Angel Extraveganza with Freya. Surprisingly, the first time ever for me. Anyway, we took in some tough ships and well… it was a killing field. Some spawns never even got within weapons range before we’d turned them into loot. We did a 6h30 mission in probably less than an hour.

Sunday morning, I did the Serpentis version solo, in the same ship, and, though it took slightly longer, was no harder. I suppose it’s missions like this that tell you that you have a way overpowered ship.

I did the next in a blasterax. A level 2… And sheesh was it harder… I had to warp out… well… maybe not needed, but it was a very close thing. The ship just wasn’t fast enough, and the weapons didn’t have the reach. It reminded me just how weak a rax can be when you’ve not really thought out the opposition.

And SL… Oh SL… what will I do…

You took my metaverse, and you gave it to the griefers! How will it live? Well, for me, I’ll pretend you didn’t. I’ll see what I can do, work how I can… and make MY metaverse what I can for me and for mine.

In the end, what more can I do?

Grid, what grid?

So another weekend comes to an end with a grid attack, and Linden Lab’s response? Close logins! Well, obviously the culprit wasn’t logged in at the time. Ok, so they later got to closing the grid and then a rolling restart, but really, why didn’t they take action when it started? Closing the login server did nothing but piss people off.

So anyway, the last thing I was doing in SL last night was repeatedly clicking mute on unknown objects trying to give me objects. I logged out, sleep seemed like more fun.

I’m told it’s down again for an exploit. Oh well, such is life. Perhaps it’ll be back by the time I get home from work!

Eloise’s ONE

So yeah, in a way, it’s an advertisment. One I have a stake in though, so not entirely random. Eloise’s ONE is a department store in Second Life, and if you’re interested, can be found here. First, my own stake. Eloise is my submissive, or one of them at least, and therefore, family. Best to get that sorted up front in case anyone claims I’m promoting her mall through favouritism. Well I am, get over it!

Anyway, I dunno… I’d heard of it before, but I’d never been there, and had no clue about what was sold there until I got a tour. There are a goodly number of names selling there though. Not always the most famous, as they, like I once did, generally have their own outlets and don’t use malls. However, at the risk of missing some, I’ll name a few here to give an idea of who sells their goods in ONE.

I dunno… I just thought I’d give her a bump. I’m trying to persuade her to remodel. Vut does she need it? You decide.

A photo

It’s a sad excuse for a blog entry, I know… but do I care?

Eloise sent me a photo a few days ago, and well, she looks so pretty (well, apart from her odd expression… but SL does that to you). I can’t remember off hand who made the outfit, but I know she’ll add that information as a comment… Those silks are just gorgeous!


Life, The Universe and Everything

Before I start today, if any of my recent entries don’t allow pings, trackbacks or comments, it’s because I’m writing from my phone, and I don’t get the options. Just let me know, and I can correct it later.

Anyway, following on from yesterday’s entry… the day did improve and even the ride home wasn’t too bad. Perhaps it’s the “home” part that’s important there… and I’ll gladly suffer more if comfort (and a gin & tonic) is waiting for me.

Today’s trip was surprisingly ok! I was expecting another bad one after seeing the weather forcast. I’m not complaining though.

So, last night… I got distracted by the PC and forgot to eat, among other things. It was crashy to start but got better.

I spent some time in Second Life with Eloise, but was chatting in ICQ and YIM with Freya, Nenya and others, so didn’t really give her the attention she deserved. I really owe her an appology for that! The time we did have was fun though.

I finally completed “Motion Prediction V” in Eve. It should make me better against smaller ships. Finishing off “Eidetic Memory IV” now. Freya told me she succesfully managed the lvl 3 version of “Massive Attack” in her Dominix. I am so proud of her!

And now, Nenya’s found us a new game called “Rappelz”. I made a character this morning, and will have a look over the weekend, I suspect.

Nightmare journey

What a morning! It started bad and just got worse. I hate rain. Anyway, got out of the house on time and had to put air in the tyres and fuel in the tank. All well and good except that it was dark and wet, and some time during all of that, I managed to knock my wing mirror loose.

By the time I reached the first roundabout, I was on the side of the road, tightening the nuts in the rain. Cold, dark, wet and miserable… and the weather wasn’t much better!

So I was mobile again, running late. I got a few miles past Gloucester when I met slow traffic. Now, if you don’t know the A40 between Gloucester and Ross, its single laned, twisty, and often with no overtaking permitted. The speed limit is ok, usually 50 or higher, but this morning it seemed populated with trucks which seemed to be restricted to 20 or 30! So I trundled along, passing where I can, and just getting wetter!

It didn’t get better til I reached Hereford, which was surprisingly quick today. In the end I was only about 30 minutes late for work. I’ll live with that. Let’s just hope the rest of the day improves.

More grid attacks

So, again this week, Second Life was taken down due to a grid-attack. It was predicted in several forums of course. The question though, is why? I thought that LL had permabanned the 60 people most likely to do this about 3 weeks ago…

So, did they come back as alts and carry on? Did people, previously innocent of this kind of thing get so angry at LL that they did this as some kind of revenge attack? Or maybe, as has been claimed… Did LL get the wrong people, and those V-5 members permabanned were not as guilty as we were led to believe.

Now, it’s likely we’ll never know the answer to that, but one thing is for certain… Something has to change! Whether this is the way LL ensures people stay banned (yeah right) or the way they identify culprits, or whether they provide transparancy in judgements, it has to be something. It’s clearly not working now.

It is having an affect though. People are leaving the big groups. Over the last few weeks, the sheer numbers of people quitting groups like “Forum Regulars”, “Oldbie Conspiracy” etc, are staggering! Hardly surprising when any group could be the next one targetted because of a small number of it’s members… Who can even know? Maybe #secondlife will be next.