Building, on a hill

Been a bit of a buildy afternoon, after yesterdays lack of movement. Been making furniture, though, since there’s a possibility of it being a 1-off unique piece, there’re no pics for now. Still, it’s been fun building, and should be fun finishing.

Of course, there’ll almost certainly be a sim rollback to about 5 seconds before the first prim was rezzed, at least, that’s how it seems to me when SL goes down.

So what does one say these days when the grid is down? I mean, we experience it so often that it’s nothing new any more. Weekly 25Mb downloads (if you’re lucky, it’s double that on a Mac), sometimes more than weekly… and a grid that’s down more than it’s up, it seems. Well, they say they’ll fix the packet loss issues. I dunno, probably best to keep an eye on the Linden blog as Char suggested… And watch out for rolling updates, or Langoliers as we in the industry like to call them.