“Precious Metals” Human Throne by Sio

New from Precious Metals, a Lockmeister compatible Throne to beat all the others.

A (moderately) comfortable pose for a sub, in a variation on a yoga posture, with added chains and a vibrator to keep them still, or agitated as desired.

You then sit on their face and rest back against them, in blissful comfort.

The sub’s pose is fixed, the Dom(me)’s pose can be changed to suit your needs. The vibrator is controllable by the seated person and will buzz and drive the poor sub to distraction. You can change the text of the messages from the vibrator as well. Although it will show as no mod in your inventory, the throne can be modified to fit you sub. It will adapt to subs of all sizes.

Have your sub prove his or her devotion as you sit on their face and rest against and tease them as you choose. Speaking from personal experience long hair makes for a great deal of tormenting as they try to hold still whilst it tickles them…

Available from Eloise’s ONE and the Adult Shop in Utopia for just L$300.