What the … ?

OK, I’ve been away all weekend, I have an excuse. But seriously, has someone turned the world upsidedown or something?

Second Life hacked? I had some idea Friday night when several friends told me, but even the BBC had it’s take on it, as linked here. It was odd having to think of ancient security questions from 3 years ago, and potential answers. Still, I’m in now.

And all the drama regarding two residents who just left SL, maybe (though hopefully not) for good? I won’t pretend to know what’s going on. All the blogs were full of accusation but were very light on actual information. Perhaps to some people, blogging is a new way of griefing. Use your blog to drive people out of Second Life? Why not? It seems a popular passtime these days.

Well, screw that! I’m not going there. I’m here to have fun, not to indulge in an endless cycle of pointless trash talking.

I do hope this kind of thing isn’t going to happen every time I take a few days off.