Weekend Adventures – Part II

Well, Friday was a trip to Wales, which due to delays was about as fun as a delayed rail trip can be expected to be. I did some reading though, and eventually arrived. Saturday was basically soaked in cider, which was fun, if not exactly memorable. In the evening, I dozed through most of the evening in front of the tv. Sunday was warm, well ok, hot, and most of the afternoon was again outdoors. All in all, it was, as family weekends go, fun. We didn’t fight, screaming was kept to a minimum. If it wasn’t for the fact that I couldn’t sleep at all, it would have been ideal.

I now need a week to recover.

I was waiting on news of a potential job too. I didn’t get it. I always seem to make the final 2 or 3, but they always choose someone else. Story of my life, “Siobhan the Also-Ran”.