The Big Bang!

As I mentioned here on Monday, I flew an assist role in helping Freya with a mission in Eve, in which the final target was a Stargate. Well, she sent me the picture last night and it came out well, although our drones weren’t there, being perhaps too small to show up. Anyway, the ship in the middle of the photo is Freya’s, and the explosion behind her shows up quite nicely indeed.

Freya vs the Stargate

It’s a shame we didn’t have a before picture too, but you can’t have everything I guess. I’ve done this mission before, and I have photos somewhere (I think), so I’ll see if I can fish one out and pin it here… but it won’t be the same really. All credit for this goes to Freya Becquerel.

One thought on “The Big Bang!”

  1. That’s a freakin’ awesome glow. 😀

    I haven’t played Eve–I first heard of it from Kris Ritter–but I recently watched a pretty cool trailer with spaceships flying, wobbly camera angles, fancy explosions (decidedly not as nice as this), and a drum ‘n’ bass soundtrack by Black Sun Empire.

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