A night out with the girls

Yesterday was an all round fun day. Mostly lazy, with some work done, and a couple of potential job prospects in RL. All was good, but, thought I, it’s been a while since we just went out and had fun. I mentioned it to Eloise and later when she arrived, Nenya, and both agreed. I had looked at the Events list, and as usual, there was very little to choose from, apart from “*INGO” or “Best (staff member) in …” contests. And so, it was decided to go to the Blarney Stone in Dublin, which is a pleasant enough place to while away a few hours while pining for the ould country.

And so, all dressed up in our finary, off we went. Or rather off I went with a promise to teleport them when I found a seat. Unfortunately, as I clicked Sit Here, I crashed, and so I had to wait til I could log in again before I could send the offer.

The evening was nice. We sat and had a couple of drinks while Nenya’s RL avatar made food, then danced for an hour or so until first Eloise, and then Nenya, had to leave.

Fortunately, as Nenya was leaving, Freya logged in and came to join me for a short time. Unfortunately, she was having video problems and so we had to go somewhere less graphically intensive, namely Miramare, where we stayed and chatted.

All in all, a good evening from my perspective. Just what I needed. 😀

The Big Bang!

As I mentioned here on Monday, I flew an assist role in helping Freya with a mission in Eve, in which the final target was a Stargate. Well, she sent me the picture last night and it came out well, although our drones weren’t there, being perhaps too small to show up. Anyway, the ship in the middle of the photo is Freya’s, and the explosion behind her shows up quite nicely indeed.

Freya vs the Stargate

It’s a shame we didn’t have a before picture too, but you can’t have everything I guess. I’ve done this mission before, and I have photos somewhere (I think), so I’ll see if I can fish one out and pin it here… but it won’t be the same really. All credit for this goes to Freya Becquerel.