Of stargates and staves

Today was fairly diverse in terms of games. True, I spend a good few hours of it in Second Life, either working on furniture or tormenting Eloise and Nenya, but I did get some time in the others too.

Mistress Freya was still having issues with a mission in Eve (Portal to War, level 3) for the curious. It’s a five part mission involving combat and couriering. Well, I was there to be a tank really and absorb as much damage from the baddies as I could while Freya completed her mission in relative safety. That worked, and though I haven’t seen it yet, she tells me she got a good picture of the Portal (a stargate) as it exploded under our bombardment at the end. I was probably too far away to appear in shot, but Freya’s Brutix and our combat drones probably do.

After that, I tried out some World of Warcraft with Nenya. She likes it, seemingly a lot, but to be honest, I found the UI rather counter intuitive, combining the worst aspects of most of the other games I’ve played. Of course, I’ll be the first to admit that there are probably a lot of shortcuts I need to know about, but don’t. Maybe once I know them, I’ll like it more… We’ll see. It looks pretty though, almost as pretty as Lineage II… We’ll see. I made a Night-Elf Druid, which seems a fun class to play at least.

And finally back to Second Life to relax before bed. The shame is Freya’s out very early tomorrow, so she’s already turned in. Still, I have my pets, and that’s always a good thing.