Weekend at last!

It’s funny. I’ve been trying to get a good job for ages. Now I have one that might even get extended. But it’s a 50 mile journey each way, and more, I’ll be moving soon, and may not be able to keep it. It’s not all a bed of roses though. It’s in a hospital, which means that a lot of the time I’m out of communication due to having to turn off my phone, or leave it in my office. I hate being out of contact!

But now it’s the weekend, so I can relax and play games. And that’s good.

A four-poster bouncy castle

And another task is complete. Eloise and I were making a bed for a client, which we finally completed today. About 120 or so prims in all, and pretty huge (I referred to it as a “four-poster bouncy castle”), as requested. The customer was pleased with it though, which in the end is all that really matters, right?

At least it’s out of the way, so I suppose we can start on the next few things. I have ideas for some tables, a footstool and another bed… as well as some half-formed thoughts about lighting. I’ll bounce the ideas around a bit and who knows, perhaps get some more stuff on sale soon.

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Yay! Work!

So it looks like I’ll be working from tomorrow! It’s been a while since I had a reasonably well paid job, so I guess the long hours won’t be too much of a problem, all things considered. OK, the hours aren’t that long, but the journey is like 1:30 – 1:40 each way, so it kind of adds 3 hours or so onto the working day, which isn’t great. On the other hand, the money’s pretty good.

I’ll have to remember to record my milage though. Last thing I need is to forget how much expenses to claim back!

And she’s home…


I made it… though for a while I wasn’t so sure I would. And it really, really is good to be back in my own place, living live my way and at my pace. It won’t last though… I have lots to do over the next few weeks, but even so, it’s good.

And back in Second Life too. Another new patch, and a major version on Wednesday. For some reason, the downtime doesn’t bother me… though of course… it might at the time. We’ll just have to wait and see. Anyway, I logged in to see Nenya and Eloise waiting for me, which is always a good sign. Freya’s out tonight, but I knew that Friday, so no worries, I’ll see her tomorrow, I guess.

Well, time to get some inspiration and start making stuff, I guess.


And so, here I am, sitting outside a pub, overlooking the rail station, waiting for a train. A train that will, in all likelyhood leave, with me aboard, before I finish this entry!

The weather’s good though, so I don’t mind so much. I just miss my SL family too much, and if I’m late, then one will be missed even longer… heh! All in all however, I suppose it’s not been a bad few days, I just sometimes hate being me.

Back to my real (second) life though soon. I deserve a break!


Well, I got through the first day without stabbing anyone… though, I have to admit it was close at times. How exactly am I supposed to convince my parents, at almost 40, that I don’t want to be a clone?

Otherwise, been a pretty good afternoon… I’ve had many a lot worse I suppose. But I miss SL, and I miss my Mistress and my pets… Hopefully I’ll be home soon.

Start of the weekend

Well, it’s been a pretty good trip so far, if noisy. I’m sitting on a train now, somewhere west of Cardiff, and well, it’s ok. The weather’s improved a lot since this morning, so I haven’t got wet (yet) at least.

Got another 30m or so to go though… and since it’s been over 3h since I left the house, I think I deserve a drink.

Update later if I’ve anything to add.

Weekend away and some pictures

Since I’m going to be away for a few days, I thought I’d end the week with a few pictures from Eve. All screenshots, some cropped to save on space. I hope you like them.

Firstly, a couple of pics of my Ishkur. For those who don’t know, it’s an assault ship. Small, well armed, pretty fast, and with a good compliment of fighters.

Next is my astarte, my main fighting ship. It’s a command cruiser, which is Eve’s way of saying it’s an extremely upgraded battlecruiser. And yes, it is pretty tough, and with enough module slots to customise it for almost any job.

And lastly, two of my pets. Combat drones (fighters if you will). Both of these are from the astarte, but the Ishkur carries similar types. They’re Hammerheads, first a mark 1, and then a mark 2.

I hope you like them!

Linden Lab bans 60 residents!

Yesterday in Second Life, just prior to the Town Hall, approximately 60 residents, apparantly members of the group “Voted 5” were banned permanently and their assets and land siezed. Apparantly this was over the grid attacks lately, though, as has been mentioned, a grid attack doesn’t require 60 people.

Anyway, as is usually the case, real information from the top is not exactly forthcoming. There is a discussion thread in the Second Citizen forums here.