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Well, I’m kind of upset, on a few levels, and over a few things. It’s not exactly been a bad day, but not great either, in Second Life, at least.

Yesterday, I almost lost a friend. Fortunately, I didn’t, and that means a lot to me, but I was rather upset over it last night. Just one of those things, but sorted now… well, for the time being.

Also, just before I logged out last night, I got an odd email saying my application to join Live Help had been rejected. This was rather odd, since I’d not sent an application since I joined it. So, I asked. And this morning got a reply saying it was a mistake, but that I’d been booted out of the volunteer program after the warning I’d had.

Well… at that time, I’d not had any warnings for anything, so I queried that too, at which time a warning arrived. Apparently, at some time yesterday I threatened someone in Live Help, and am therefore removed from all the volunteer groups that I’ve been in for three years. Well, I have no idea whom I was supposed to have threatened, since I wasn’t even tagged up, but such is the way of the Lindens. I suppose someone accused me out of spite, but how can I ever know? Of course, I appealed, but I don’t suppose anything will come of it…

So much for that. I give them my time to help people for three years, and then suddenly, they boot me out. At least now I won’t have to deal with the spam. I don’t really care much about the groups, and to be honest, I have been thinking about my membership anyway over the last few weeks, but it’s the insult to my reputation. Linden Lab accused me of threatening behaviour, and give no opportunity to defend myself. I know they never do, and I am no different to anyone else they accuse, but it feels bad.

So there you go. I am an ex-mentor, an ex-instructor and an ex-live-helper. If my appeal succeeds, will I re-apply? Somehow, I doubt it. If this is how they behave, then I don’t see why I should give them my time.

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  1. Productive, useful members of the community aren’t apprciated. I’ve applied for Mentor and LiveHelp and had them languish for ages (6+ months and even emailed Jeska) before I finally gave up and ended my applications.

    I hate the anonymous AR system. “You did something bad. We’re probably not going to tell you exactly what, and we’re not going to tell you who accused you, but you did something bad! You’re naughty!”

    It’s Orwellian. It can cultivate an unhealthy atmosphere where you can be punish at the whim of the company, or it feels like. It is emotionally abusive on LLs part.

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