Nicked from Willow, Scarlet and Iris

[A is for age] 37, well, almost 38.

[B is for booze of choice] Wine, red, I like a few varieties.

[C is for career of choice] Vibrator tester.

[D is for your drug of choice] Caffeine.

[E is for one essential item you use everyday] My PDA.

[F is for favorite song at the moment] Eloise (“The Damned” version)

[G is for favorite game] Er, Second Life?

[H is for Hometown] Currently Stroud, near Gloucester.

[I is for instruments you play] Harmonica count? Otherwise none.

[J is for favorite juice] Grapefruit.

[K is for kids] Pan-fried in butter.

[L is for last hug] In SL, this morning by Eloise… in RL… er, don’t remember.

[M is for marriage?] A long time ago.

[N is for nickname] Sio (like you didn’t know)

[O is for number of overnight hospital stays] 2

[P is for phobias] Crowds.

[Q is for quote] “And with endless æons, even death may die” – Lovecraft

[R is for biggest regret] Getting married.

[S is for singing] You’re kidding, right?

[T is for time you woke up] 7:30am.

[U is for underwear]You’ll have to come see… 😉

[V is for vegetable you love] Potato

[W is for worst habit] Getting drunk while playing SL.

[X is for number of x-rays you’ve got] None.

[Y is for yummy food you make] I can make most things, but I’m told I make fantastic bread.

[Z is for zodiac sign] Virgo.

“Precious Metals” Pet Display goes on sale

Precious Metals is a new range of items to display those most precious of possessions your pets, chained in place, on the attractive metal frame.

This Pet Display is lockmeister compatible and comes with basic collar and cuffs. It adds beauty to any setting, displaying your pets at their most vulnerable. Mmmm 🙂

Pet Display Pic

Now only an amazing L$150 from Eloise’s ONE at Honawan and the Adult Toy Shop in Utopia

Late arrival

Well, yesterday I was too lazy, at least in Second Life, and my re-entry to the retail market has been delayed. Hopefully only until today though. We’ll see.

In other news, a big hug to Willow Zander, who seems to be having a hard time right now, and who’ll be away from Second Life for a week or so. We all love you, Willow!