You know you’ve been playing Second Life too much when…

… your kitchen starts to look like a sandbox.

Every so often, someone posts a thread to the forums about “You know you’ve been playing Second Life so much when…” and it invariably lapses into the same old tales, and a few jaded cynics posting how this it the third time this week this thread has been started, and so on…

Well, I finally realised how neglected my kitchen is. I started with washing up, and I think I washed enough glasses of various sizes to run a small pub. Shameful! I’m not finished yet, I think this will take a few days *sigh*, or at least mornings.

Wish me luck!

An eventful weekend

I’m not even sure where to begin. It’s been an eventful weekend, to say the least. In a good way though.

On Saturday evening, Freya logged in to upload some snapshots she took at what is now being referred to as “The Disastrous Party”, and stayed a while. They came out pretty good to be honest, but then Freya was always a fabulous photographer in Second Life. She didn’t stay late though, early start Sunday for some real-life stuff, which may result in some more photos soon. I hope so, at least. She’s still not comfortable with Second Life, but getting better slowly.

I also seem to have inadvertently picked up a new pet this weekend. Well, you know what I’m like with strays 🙂 In any case, Nenya has a sister again (assuming of course that Freya allows it). It’s been quiet since Kaili’s departure a few months back, but then, I don’t think Eloise will replace her – there was a certain insanity about everything Kaili touched. She was cute, hyperactive and always enthusiastic. Now she’s M.I.A., and none of us have heard a word in months. I’m told it’s not that unusual for her.

So basically, most of the weekend was spent getting used to having two submissives around again. Which was not exactly unpleasant, if you know what I mean. Anyway, welcome to our fold, Eloise. (lyric). I hope you enjoy your stay.

Now my next cunning plan has to be to persuade Freya and/or Nenya to start a blog. That would be awesome!