And the rebuild progresses

As you’ll have seen from the previous post… the new skybox is 2 storeys. Currently there’s still some texture flash on the outside, which I will get around to later… but hell it’s a skybox, it’s not meant to be looked at from the outside.

Anyway, since my beloved Freya came back, we now, once more have the textures from the old one, and redecorating has begun. A picture is below…

This for anyone who knows the skybox photography thread on the SL forums. If it’s empty, you’re welcome to look, but be discrete, and obfuscate any poseballs left lying round (I think “hide” gets rid of most :p). If someone’s there, ask permission before approaching. The security isn’t set to automatic by default, just to scan. Don’t make us change that.

Anyway that’s it, an update. Freya and I are talking again, which makes me very happy, at least. We have a long way to go though, so I still need your support. Thank you.

Picture below… (it’s not yet finished, so there’s no gallery… yet)

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