Looking back on the last few days.

Having a blog is a good thing in my opinion, if for no other reason than it gives one a place to vent ones frustrations, as I have in my last post or two. I know, sometimes it makes me sound like an emo drama queen, but then, at times like that, I suppose that wouldn’t be that inaccurate a description. Anyway, to those who kept reading, thank you.

To begin with, a history of the weekends events in brief:

  • Sunday was my 3rd Rezday, and we had a party at Stonehenge.
  • Towards the end, someone started building overhead.
  • Freya warned him, and told me, which I completely misunderstood and without thinking through the consequences, took action – the wron action.
  • All our builds were returned. Freya got (understandably) angry and logged off, while I tried – and failed – to get LL to help.
  • Monday was hard because Freya was away all day anyway, but usually there’s some contact. I started rebuilding what I could.
  • When she got back, she was still angry, and it wasn’t until late that we spoke at all on ICQ.
  • We finally spoke properly and in world Tuesday evening. All was not right yet, but at least we’re talking and we know it was a horrible accident. Rebuilding is now progressing.

I want to thank all the people, both in world and in the IRC channel who offered a shoulder for me to cry on. You were a huge help. Only thing is, I think Freya might have needed it more. It was substantially her builds that were lost. This is what we’ve got back so far:

In other news, I got my first spam on my blog today. I guess that means the Word of Sio is spreading. Akismet blocked it!

Maybe now I can get back to some happy entries.