And the rebuild progresses

As you’ll have seen from the previous post… the new skybox is 2 storeys. Currently there’s still some texture flash on the outside, which I will get around to later… but hell it’s a skybox, it’s not meant to be looked at from the outside.

Anyway, since my beloved Freya came back, we now, once more have the textures from the old one, and redecorating has begun. A picture is below…

This for anyone who knows the skybox photography thread on the SL forums. If it’s empty, you’re welcome to look, but be discrete, and obfuscate any poseballs left lying round (I think “hide” gets rid of most :p). If someone’s there, ask permission before approaching. The security isn’t set to automatic by default, just to scan. Don’t make us change that.

Anyway that’s it, an update. Freya and I are talking again, which makes me very happy, at least. We have a long way to go though, so I still need your support. Thank you.

Picture below… (it’s not yet finished, so there’s no gallery… yet)

Looking back on the last few days.

Having a blog is a good thing in my opinion, if for no other reason than it gives one a place to vent ones frustrations, as I have in my last post or two. I know, sometimes it makes me sound like an emo drama queen, but then, at times like that, I suppose that wouldn’t be that inaccurate a description. Anyway, to those who kept reading, thank you.

To begin with, a history of the weekends events in brief:

  • Sunday was my 3rd Rezday, and we had a party at Stonehenge.
  • Towards the end, someone started building overhead.
  • Freya warned him, and told me, which I completely misunderstood and without thinking through the consequences, took action – the wron action.
  • All our builds were returned. Freya got (understandably) angry and logged off, while I tried – and failed – to get LL to help.
  • Monday was hard because Freya was away all day anyway, but usually there’s some contact. I started rebuilding what I could.
  • When she got back, she was still angry, and it wasn’t until late that we spoke at all on ICQ.
  • We finally spoke properly and in world Tuesday evening. All was not right yet, but at least we’re talking and we know it was a horrible accident. Rebuilding is now progressing.

I want to thank all the people, both in world and in the IRC channel who offered a shoulder for me to cry on. You were a huge help. Only thing is, I think Freya might have needed it more. It was substantially her builds that were lost. This is what we’ve got back so far:

In other news, I got my first spam on my blog today. I guess that means the Word of Sio is spreading. Akismet blocked it!

Maybe now I can get back to some happy entries.