Three years and counting…

So it’s day 1,096 in the Big Brother Grid.

Most of the residents are in the Forums. Some of the residints are in the IRC Channel. Siobhan is in the Blogging Room…

  • Big Brother Linden: Hello Siobhan
  • Siobhan Taylor: Hello Big Brother
  • BBL: What brings you to the Blogging Room today?
  • ST: Well BB, I’ve been in SL for three years, and I’ve not won yet… what’s this thing about new residents all the time?
  • BBL: You know we can’t tell you that. You’ll have to ask Ulrika, she knows all… or thinks she does.
  • ST: Damnit, does that mean I have to read the forums again? Meh!

*Sio storms out of the Blogging Room, slamming the door shut, stopping only to steal all the booze for a party*

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