So far so good…

The party’s set for noon SL time, or 8pm UK time for those who use real numbers. So nothing especially exciting yet… but here’s the update so far…

Freya took me shopping as a prezzie, so that was cool. I got an IM from Zonax, so hurried back, and people have showed up to say hi. At the time of posting I have …

  • Aodhan McDunnough
  • Belaya Statosky
  • Fantasia Anubis
  • Imagoel Best
  • Nenya Nephilim
  • Zonax Delorean

all sat round a table with me, and had messages and/or gifts from several others. Thanks to everyone 🙂

Remember, the party’s open invite. Mulch and Ulrika said they’d try to come, so it promises to be entertaining if nothing else.

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