The forums. R.I.P.?

Recently, we were told that the Second Life forums would be closing, or at least becoming read-only etc. You can get all the details here. Well, I said I was disappointed and that I’d miss the forums, and it was true… then.

I spoke to Lindens in world and the subject came up. I said I’d miss the forums, and it was true… then.

This morning I read the forums and saw this thread. The above is no longer true. How people can be such arrogant arse-wipes is beyond me. Now, some of them don’t really surprise me, I expect that sort of thing from a psychopath like Ulrika… but I don’t know, there were people posting thee whom I used to have some respect for. I say used to and I mean it. That one thread has made me rethink a lot of people’s attitudes and I don’t like what I’ve seen. Where are the ResMods when they’re needed?

I now think it’s a good thing the forums are closing. I only hope that the moderators of whatever becomes the new default forum will act on this sort of crap and ban the perpetrators once and for all. Somehow though, I don’t see that happening.

It does not bode well.

Meh! Drones!

I really hate losing drones, especially expensive ones. The Eve GMs tell me they’re out there in space, alive and well, and even tell me the system I can find them in…But a solar system’s a big place, and I have neither system-scanner probes, nor the ability to use them … 😦