I just can’t state this strongly enough! I just love Lash’s new hair!

I picked up 3 styles last week, the redone Angelina Flow (in black), and Carlotta and Kuluh in Auburn. With care, they stretch well, so now, as some have already seen, I have flex-prim hair that hangs to the back of my knees. I love it!

Lash, make more, it’s an order! And make some really long ones … stretching them works, but having them designed to be that long would be even better!


Well, it wasn’t quite what I thought. There wasn’t a job waiting for me, but it’s ok… I am more up to date with that agent, and I know she’s looking now.

Called in the bike shop on the way home for some new gloves. The ones I had before were starting to look a real state, and while I was there, I got a call from another agent, who also thinks he may have work for me, and I should hear something Monday. Well, that’s two, and one I’m waiting to hear back from. It could be good.

Wish me luck folks 🙂