And the world doth turn

“Forums. You love them or you hate them. They’re often useful, and occasionally nasty. However, for the past few years they’ve plaed a central role in how we talk to one another. Now it’s time for the forums at to start a transition, as some of the best known Second Life communication pathways take new turns.”

That was how Robin Linden opened today’s Linden Blog entry on the forums. So I guess we can kiss them goodbye. Personally, I’ll miss them, though I think I’m in the minority. I feel the forums have been a good view on what’s happening in the world, and I can see past most of the bitching. But in the end, everything comes to an end, and the SL Forums, for good or for bad, are no exception. Now, we have to rely on private forums and blogs, with any prejudice they include.

Such is Second Life.