The grid is down!

Long live the grid!

Yep, Second Life is down for upgrade to 1.11.3(0) as documented here by Jesse Linden. In the meantime, there’s hawt Linden action on the preview grid, and probably some even hawter ResMod action in the forums.

Meanwhile, I’m going to spend some time in the big blue-ceilinged room. Catch ya all later.

Second Asshat

Love it or hate it, the Second Life Asshat Server certainly keeps us on our toes. I think a nice dramatic pop-up saying “The grid is going down in 10 seconds, assets are being lost!” gives a certain edginess to the game at an otherwise slow part of the day. Well, it certainly worked. It felt like widespread panic around the grid, the forum and even in #secondlife.

When it came back up, I was one of the first back in, and jumped into Live Help to see if I could help And could I ever, Live Help was as overloaded as I’ve ever seen it. People couldn’t load textures, or body parts and so on. Of course, this happens every time there’s a reboot of the Asshat Server, but because of the circumstances, for the first 5 minutes or so, there weren’t even any Lindens. We soon got it working though as more helpers and Lindens logged in. It was certainly busy though for a while. It reminded me of that time long past when as a Live Helper, we couldn’t turn off the channel to escape.

I finally got to bed about 3:30am my time. I met Morph for I think the first time, and Kex for the first time in ages at Waterhead. It’s good to see old and new friends, even if it does cost me some sleep.

And more downtime scheduled for today. At least we’re all prepared for this one. Time to go into the big room with the blue ceiling, I think. I have to take my motorbike for a service this evening anyway, so there’s my excuse!