A minor rant!

Why, oh why do people insist on setting parcels to group only access?

Twice this weekend, builders creating new sites in Second Life have invited me to see their new build (once in advance of it’s scheduled opening, and once nearly a day into it’s open time), and both times I’ve not been allowed in because I’m not in the group. Well, that’s two places in Second Life I’ll be boycotting… The fact that one of them’s the SLCC thing is a shame, but if they’re going to be that way, then I don’t need them. I apologise to the builders concerned, who have to deal with these fuckwits every day.

All kinds of everything

Well, it’s been an interesting few days in the Second Life universe.

Firstly, let’s see, Starax has disappeared… for good, or for a break, no-one knows for sure. It appears he’s gone from the grid and his store is closed down. I guess the question many are asking is “What about the wand?”, I mean whatever you thought of it, it was an expensive toy to lose support on, if he has truly gone for good.

Secondly, as posted earlier, Cat Omega joined the blogsphere, and there was weeping and grinding of teeth.

Thirdly, we have “terrorists” in Second Life… with actual “demands”! Of course, it’ll come to nothing in the end. They were ridiculed on the forums, and no doubt will be ridiculed in world. They say that they’ll start a campaign this week and target the economy. I give them a day before the Lindens round them up and well, do what Lindens do best.

Lash brought out more fabulous hair, and several of our best designers brought out new outfits, but I’ll let the fashion blogs cover those. Much as I’d like to, they’ll do a better job of it… so get over there and look, dammit!

And finally, I’m now 1091 days old in Second Life. I still remember that first day as I teleported from Prelude (the old name for Orientation Island) and landed, unsteady on me feet in Ahern, wet and green as a lettuce leaf. I was a real clueless newbie. Well, at least some of that’s changed since then. Sunday will be my 3rd rezday. I feel old.

First Post?

Well, I suppose it had to happen eventually.

My friends from IRC told me to try this out, and as I eventually intend to self-host my blog, I thought, well… why not. I’ve linked to my historical stuff on LJ, so that if I stop posting there, at least we can still get to the old stuff, some of which is even interesting… I think.