Hooray for downtime!

So it’s getting a little predictable really. It’s Wednesday, and it’s afternoon, so Second Life is down for upgrade. Lot’s of nice new shiny stuff to play with, or so we’re told. Well, bug fixes anyway. We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose. Whatever!

Anyway it’s down. The weather’s hot and life is good. The IRC channel is bouncing like a club with camping sexballs, and the forums are producing more drama than an entire series of Big Brother. The only thing missing is wine, and that’s in the fridge, cooling. Oh, and ice-cream… damn, I knew I forgot something.

Hrm, next door’s cat is looking at me from the lawn as if it thinks I’m a mouse or something. I’m not, honest.

Oh well, back into the fray. Happy waiting, people… 🙂