I had planned to upgrade my PC over time, as the year ends. You know the routine… SATA drives to replace the old IDE PATAs, flat screens to replace the CRTs, better CD/DVD drives, maybe even a BLU-Ray or HD… and then, when I’m ready, a new CPU/Mobo, RAM and Graphics card, while relegating the old bits to running a backup machine.

But,, and here’s the clincher, I may not be able to wait that long now. I have an Althlon XP 2600+ siting in an ABIT AN-7 with nforce 2 chipset, which to be honest is quite a nice little system. The north-bridge fan has ceased working and it’s unseasonably hot outside. Now, sure I may be able to get a new fan, and maybe the other multitude of fans I have in there will keep it cool enough… but I can’t be certain of that.

So basically I want advice. Is such a fan out there? Would it be cheaper to get a new AN-7 than get a new fan fitted? I mean, it’s not exactly a state of the art board so it could be pretty cheap to replace… Ideas?