Well, it is… hot, very…

It’s I guess the one positive thing about being out of work right now. I can’t think of a better time. Not that I want to be out of work at all, you understand, but if I have to be, then now’s the right time. I mean, it’s not easy to live on £50 a week when you have to give more than that to the bank to cover the loan on the house… but still, that’ll be done soon too, new house, less to pay… and all good… just have to survive til the move.

Of course, I’m moving far enough that it’s making finding a new job hard. I can’t get one here since I won’t be here more than a month or two… and I can’t get one there yet cos it’s too far to commute until I move. So it’s temping or work from home for now… if I can get them. Which so far, I can’t!

Still, the weather’s nice. Spending the days out in the sun wearing very little… just the way it should be.

You know what I need though, a nice look for SL… a new bikini or swimsuit… but not too slutty. Any ideas? Willow maybe, you’re the shopping queen? I like some of Aces, but I don’t want them that revealing… Anyway, any ideas will be looked at… thanks.

It’s been an odd week. I seem to have lost one close friend, which is bad and I hope we can make it up soon, but on the other hand, a friend I lost about a year ago has come back and we’re having some fun chats again online and that’s great!

And speaking of old friends… it’s less than a week to Marilyn Murphy’s 3rd rezday… If you read this Mari… Happy Rezday!

Anyway, I’m off back to the sun for a bit… unless I burn, in which case I’ll no doubt whine here….