FIC, griefing, piracy and teeth

It’s been an odd sort of week, which probably comes as no surprise to most of you since most weeks tend to be odd. Still, I thought people had stopped thinking about the FICness of things, and here it is again in the forums. It’s a great joke of course, like most conspiracy theories tend to be, but really I mean…

Anyway, I suppose in a way, the FIC does exist… though not how most of you will guess. The FIC (Furry, Fickle, Fictional, Friendly, Futuristic, or even Fetid Interstellar Corps) was a chat channel set up in Eve Online to welcome and assist new players visiting from SL. It’s usually empty these days.

Which brings me neatly to my next point really. Now, I don’t play Eve for the PvP aspect, and in fact would rather avoid it completely. There was a time once when you could do that by avoiding low-security space, but it’s not that easy these days. There are those who take up piracy because it’s fun, who will attack unarmed traders or even people with nothing worth stealing because it’s more fun to kill players than npcs.

Usually, a good setup against npcs for missions leaves you defenceless against other players, so effectively this is just griefing. More than that, it’s disheartening, depressing and will probably lead me to abandoning Eve as a source of entertainment in the near future. It’s started causing arguements between my friends and I, and a game isn’t worth losing friends for.

And now… I’ve lost a filling, big one too, so a huge gaping hole in one of my teeth. Grrr… why can’t life be simple and fun? I wonder if RL has a restart option.