“Wow, they’re paying me in cows!”

Today, in Eve, Freya decided to try trading. She got a new ship yesterday with a bigger cargo hold, a catalyst in fact.

She must have been running missions too, since she kind of blurted out “Wow, they’re paying me in cows!” and then, while admitting she never thought she’d ever say it: “I need to find out where I can sell my cows!“.

Say what you like about Freya, she’s nothing if not entertaining.


If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was a joke!

Only a couple of weeks ago, I posted from Willow’s and Giddeon’s wedding, and now, today I read this! I’m speechless, it just makes me so angry.

Willow, you know we’re here for you.

Weekend Picture Time

Once more, it’s time for some pictures from my Second Life. Two sets, today… firstly, from “People”, we have some shots of my pets Nenya and Kaili

and here some snaps from last weekend’s pony-racing…

I don’t know what possessed Freya to race, but who am I to stop her?

On ResMods

I’m posting this here because I want to retain control, which the SL forum won’t. That doesn’t mean I’ll be banning anyone who disagrees with me, but I will do anyone who attacks another personally. So anyway, here’s my opinion on the matter… I’ll be happy to read yours…

I was picked as one of the original ResMods, and I quit after a few days. Not because of stress nor grief, just because I didn’t have the time to do a good job of it. So I’ve seen a little of it from both sides.

It was exactly the same when Live Help started… “Who made you know better?”. Well, I’m afraid that was experience, in the case of ResMods, while there were volunteers and nominations, LL picked them, and guess what, IT’S THEIR GAME. Now it’s true, not everyone is perfect like me, and some people do occasionally make mistakes but really, most of the ResMods are doing a sterling job. I ask “Could you do better?”. Yes, it’s a loaded question… if you answer “no”, then STFU… if you answer “yes” then I know your reasons for being so antagonistic.

As far as I’ve seen, there are two kinds of people who’re calling for the programme to end… the forum griefers who’ve been modded – yes I know, but one persons fun is another persons discomfort, and the jealous ones who wish they were picked and weren’t…

I read just now a fairly old post (a week or so) about this being dangerous because it’s resident policing or resident government. Yes, it is… These very same complainers have been calling for this for months while they thought it would be based on how much money they spend on SL… i.e. when they thought it would be them. Once they see that LL choses and not them, then suddenly it’s a bad thing.

I for one am happy that I don’t live in a corporate state.

SL is a Monarchy, whether you like it or not. They may tell you otherwise, or you may convince yourself so, but in the end, if Philip says “no”, then no amount of posturing will make it “yes”.

In the end, volunteer helpers, be they in world as mentors, greeters or whatever, or in the forums as resmods is the way forward. You’re free to disagree with the policy. You’re free to disagree with decisions… there’s even a provided method for it… but the minute you attack a resmod for doing what LL has asked, then as far as I’m concerned, you can go play There!


Today is an ending, of a sort. The end of my current RL employment to be precise, which doesn’t make me particularly happy, to be honest. I mean, it’s not just the money… er, ok… yes it is the money, but even so, I hate being bored!

Yesterday was nice though. Got home from work and tried to get into Eve. It was down so I logged into SL instead and watched the sun come up over Zazi with Nenya on my knee. It was so sweet you could have used it as a sugar replacement (low calorie of course :-)). Then Kaili, and eventually Freya arrived. We had pony races, which was cool. Kaili won again, of course… I think she was born for it.